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I like lots of bands and watching movies and talking to friends and going to clubs.
"being" instead of "doing", american history x, angry inches, apple pie, art, beach, beaches, because i got high, being loved, being sexy, biting, black, blink 182, boarding, boys, bunnies, che, chewing gum, clouds, concerts, cotton, cypress hill, dancing, death, did i mention sex, donnie darko, eating, eyes, family guy, fire, food, friends, fucking, fun, futurama, gay sex hehe, gay/straight alliance, getting high, girls, giving advice, go karts, good food, good sex, good times, guitar, halloween, hanging out, happiness, hedwig, holidays, hot sexy, hugging, hugs, ice cream, instant messenger, internet, killing corporate scum, killing everyone else, killing hippies, kisses, kissing, laughing, lazyboy, long boarding, looking at things, lots of sex, love, madtv, making out, meditation, meeting new people, michael moore, monty python, moonrises, movies, music, nakedness, naps, neon colors, niggers, nofx, not bush, oakgrove, parties, partying, peircings, penis, pennywise, photographs, photography, poetry, pro choice, rain, rainbows, rainy days, ren and stimpy, revolutions, rocky, roller coasters, rootbeer, rum, running, sailing, san francisco, santa monica, sex, sexy sex, shiny things, simpsons, skateboarding, sleep, sleeping, smiles, snorkeling, soccer, south park, stiff little fingers, strangers with candy, sun, sunrises, sunsets, surfing, swiming, swimming, talking, tattoos, teens against bush, television, the beach, the daily show, the pixies, the shines, thrift shopping, tongue rings, trippy music, venice, vintage stores, whips, wild sex, your mom